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Master Shark Diver Registration Form

Before you register for the Master Shark Diver Certification please make sure you have completed the following steps:

  • Register as a student on this site and complete the free e-Learning Shark Species course no.00
  • Complete 1st five free Species e-Learning courses no.01-05
  • Complete the free Master Shark Diver exam
  • Show logged encounters with at least five different shark species (details on regstration form)
  • Be a Sharklife member  

Please complete the form below. 


Shark Encounter Log Guidlines:

Please scan and attach copies of your log book pages to this form (see below). Alternatively email them to

5 Species Logs: These logs are intended to show you have encountered a number of sharks (min 5 species) during your diving history. Together with completion of the theory courses offered on this site you will be deemed to have a well rounded understanding of the shark species. 

Dive logs pages should at least include the following:

  • Dive Date
  • Dive Location (town)
  • Dive Site (reef name)
  • Name/s of shark species encountered

Upload Restrictions:

  • Max 200kb per file
  • Allowed file types (jpg,jpeg,gif,png)


Master Shark Diver Checklist

Please use this checklist to confirm you have meet the prerequisites for registration.