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What's available:

  • Shark Course Presentations
  • Print Training Materials 
  • e-Certificate

Why Teach Sharklife Courses?

Sharklife has designed this e-learning platform and materials to enable Dive Masters and Instructors to offer professional shark courses whilst actively supporting shark conservation.


          • Register as a student on this site and complete the free Shark Species course no.00
          • Complete 1st five free Sharklife species e-Learning courses no.01-05
          • Complete the free Master Shark Diver exam
          • Show 25 logged shark encounters (details on registration)
          • Be a qualified diving Instructor or Dive Master (any agency)
          • Be a Sharklife Member  


Sharklife Instructors/Dive Masters are recorded in the Sharklife Membership database. Certification is in the form of a personalised e-Certificate. Once you have received your certification you may teach any of the Sharklife courses using the teaching materials available. 

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Teaching Materials:

As a Sharklife Instructor or Dive Master you may order a number of training materials suited to your teaching needs.  

1. Presentations:

Full colour professionally illustrated PDF presentations for delivery in a class room (audio visual) setting. The presentations outline all the important information on the species you choose to focus on. 

Example Presentation Preview Below: (scroll down)

R380 (+-$28)

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2. Briefing Banners: 

These professionally illustrated 1.3mx90cm PVC banners are used to give an in-depth dive briefing on the relevant shark species you choose. Briefings can be given to students on course as well as any interested divers.

R480 (+-$38)

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3. Certification Packs:

These student certification packs contain an A5 certificate to be signed by the instructor/dm after the dive, an A5 slate with the relevant species info and a sticker to promote shark conservation. 

Example of whale shark pack:

certpack small

R200 (+-$15) - Order 5 or more get 40% off

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4. Master Shark Diver Packs:

The Master Shark Diver packs are the best value for money opposed to buying individual certification packs.  

The pack consists of:

        • PVC A5 Ring Binder Folder
        • Course Introduction and learning path pages
        • Shark Species Course 00 supplementary content (full colour 18pgs)
        • 5 x Species Certification packs for courses 01-05 (each containing 1x full colour slate, 1 x certificate and 1 x sticker)

Note: you can add more species inserts into your file as you progress.

MSD File

R550 (+-$45) - Order 5 or more get 20% off

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