About Us

Established in 2005 Sharklife addresses the alarming exploitation of both shark populations and ocean fisheries in South African waters. We actively engage the urgent need for research and protection of many marine species.

  • Company Registration No.2005/002273/08
  • Non-Profit Organisation No.064-326-NPO

SHARKLIFE Objective:

  • Through scientific research, education and awareness bring about positive change in the current destructive trends of ocean exploitation.

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  1. To develop a compassionate desire to conserve sharks by replacing the "Jaws" syndrome with positive understanding and respect.
  2. Reduce anthropogenic threats to over exploited marine species by increasing awareness and encouraging sustainable seafood choices.
  3. Increase marine tourism and transform shark populations into a sustainable living resource by developing educational ocean experiences for all South African’s.

SHARKLIFE Board of Directors:

  • Grant Smith (Managing Director)
  • Mike Fraser
  • Fiona Ayerst
  • Mike Wood

SHARKLIFE Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Dr Malcom Smale
  • Prof Vic Peddamors
  • Dr Kerry Sink
  • Dr Matt Dicken
  • Dr Geremy Cliff

SHARKLIFE Government Advisors:

  • Mr. Herman Oosthuizen
  • Mr. Craig Smith
  • Ms. Charlene Da Silver